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Petrochemical Company Employees

Petrochemical Company

We work closely with employees and retirees of this vital element of Southeast Texas’s economy.

We have experience in serving employees of companies such as ExxonMobil, Goodyear, DuPont and Valero and have developed a thorough understanding of the various options and choices available to these employees at retirement.

A few of the topics we will cover with you include:

  • How to design a date and dollar-specific accumulation strategy to help you prepare for retirement
  • The percentage of company stock you should own prior to, and during, retirement
  • A review of your current asset allocation strategy
  • A review of life insurance and long-term care coverage
  • A detailed analysis of whether a pension or lump sum is most appropriate
  • An estimate of the amount of income you can expect to withdraw from your savings during retirement
  • Strategies for preserving favorable tax treatment of NUA (Net Unrealized Appreciation) stock
  • Strategies for accessing your retirement assets without penalty if you retire prior to age 59 ½
  • A customized strategy to help you maximize your Social Security benefits
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